Job Seekers

We will help you score meetings with high-potential tech startups & scale-ups.

Why work for a startup or a scale-up?

Startups and scale-ups offer a highly dynamic work environment.
A startup or scale-up allows you to wear many hats and grow your skills fast. Unlike typical corporate environments, startups are anti-structure.

Startups & Scale-ups

We will bring you in contact with high-potential talent that could be your next employees.

Why should you exhibit at our startup fairs?

We work with partner organizations to spread the news about your job or internship opportunities and to invite promising talent.
You will get the opportunity to showcase your company and convince job seekers right-on-the-spot why they should work for you.

How does it work?

As experienced organizers of multiple startup fairs, we've seen the need for talent and the difficulty of finding new employees. And with digital being the new normal it was a no-brainer to relocate our fairs to an online environment! Participate in our reinvented startup job fair and meet potential future employees in a short amount of time and all from the comfort of your own (home) office. 

With the help of our large-scale network, our impactful partners, and online networking tool, Conversation Starter, we want to bridge the gap between talent and high-growth startups & scale-ups.

Conversation Starter

📌 Create a profile on Conversation Starter with a bio and your job offerings. Set-up your own branded meeting room.
💬 In the days leading up to the event, you will be invited to browse profiles and send/receive invitations for one-on-one 12-minute video calls with talent.
👋 During the event (4PM-7PM), you’ll be able to connect with up to 15 people per person in the web-based tool.
👁 Anonymity feature: companies only see job seekers bio and request/offering. Picture and name will be revealed after meeting is planned.