Leuven Startup Fair: October 28, 2020

How Startup Fairs works?

📌 1. Create a profile on Conversation Starter.
      - Startups: claim your ticket here and create your company booth in Conversation         Starter. Together with your profile and job offerings.
      - Job seekers: register directly via Conversation Starter, list your requests and upload         your CV.  

💬 2. In the days leading up to the event, you will be invited to browse profiles and send/receive invitations for one-on-one 12-minute video calls with talent.

👋 3. During the event (4PM-7PM), you’ll be able to connect with up to 15 people per person in the web-based tool.

👁 4. Anonymity feature: companies only see job seekers bio and request/offering. Picture and name will be revealed after meeting is planned.  

🤝 5. Meet your future employee or score your next career move at our Startup Fairs!

How to create your profile or company booth on Conversation Starter?