Starters meets starters:
Conversation Starter & Sara

As our final Startup Fair of 2020 is approaching, we have one other startup story to share. Together with VOKA, we asked one of our favourite startups some questions on working with young graduates and why they think you should to! Meet Dries, co-owner of Conversation Starter, and their brand-new hire Sara!

A small team on a big mission
Originally an online tool to facilitate offline networking, Conversation Starter used the current pandemic to pivot towards an online networking platform. Talking about a success story, straight away they launched worldwide. A small team on a big mission had to hire not one, but two first employees! One of them Sara, a first time professional.

Can a young graduate break the ice?
In the need of a new team member, Conversation Starter was looking for someone ambitious with loads of enthusiasm. Like their company spirit and product. Luckily, recent graduates often have these characteristics. Their fresh ideas are much appreciated in a startup culture. And on the other hand, these young professionals get the opportunity to share new suggestions without having to go through three levels of management before it gets validated. The result? A great atmosphere for graduates and new hires to develop themselves.

“Young employees can have a big impact on the organisation.”
Dries Hendrickx, Co-owner Conversation Starter

Want to grow fast? Go work in a startup!
Sara just started working at Conversation Starter and already she had some fun opportunities. It was her second day at the company when filming the interview! This shows the fast pace of growing in a startup.  

With only a team of three (soon to be four) you could call Conversation Starter small. But the limited number of colleagues favours the collaboration. Everyone sits at the same table and it’s easy to discuss, brainstorm, and pick each other's brain. It makes your input feel valuable and creates career opportunities within the company.  

Before graduating, Sara already had her fair share of startup experience as an intern. So, she knew from the get-go that a startup would be a great first career move!  

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