Starters meets starters:
Dockflow & Reda

As part of the Startup Fairs, organizer | created a short series of startup stories together with VOKA. How come young graduates, first time professionals are the perfect match for startup companies? Discover both sides and perspectives thanks to the testimonials of different startups and their new hires! First up: Dockflow…

The future of logistics: introducing Dockflow  
Dockflow takes the hassle out of maritime shipping. This Antwerp startup is a LogTech SaaS company empowering freight forwarding teams to work more efficiently and pleasantly so they can provide customers with better service and focus on meaningful tasks. As many startups, this one was a graduation project gone out of control. Founded by young graduates, it is no surprise that they are eager to work with first time professionals, starters!  

What’s great about hiring upcoming talent?  
According to Pauline, co-founder of Dockflow, young graduates contribute a lot to a company because their opinion is considered just as valuable as that of a founder. Their flexibility and eagerness to learn are much needed characteristics in the startup culture, as it is true to the nature of these innovative companies. Startups are looking for people that can grow and evolve with the company and their market, for which young starters are an ideal match. And not to forget, a young and dynamic team likely means a happy office.  

“As the team grows, young starters will have a more senior position quite quickly”
Pauline Van Ostaeyen, Co-founder Dockflow

Introducing Reda, the starter who started at startup  
Reda is a young graduate from Oran (Algeria) and recently joined the engineering team at Dockflow.  One of the main reasons why he chose a startup instead of a big corporate: “my ambition is to become a senior engineer in a startup”. A startup is the perfect environment to transform those academic theories into practice, all thanks to the typical hands-on mentality. Another big plus are the many growth opportunities. As the company grows you’ll be able to move into a more senior position sooner than later. To conclude, Reda points out that the great company culture and welcoming team members are on top of the list why he loves working at Dockflow!  

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