Starters meets starters:
Lemon Companies & Gil

A new startup story by | and VOKA: Lemon Companies and their new hire Gil elaborate on the benefits of the startup culture. Discover why you, as a young graduate, could be the perfect match for tech startups!

The slices of Lemon 
Lemon Companies started out as a startup focusing on supporting the digital transformation of other businesses. In the meantime, the company has grown to be a big player in the startup scene. They evolved from solely being an IT-software development company to a holding with many different startup spin-offs under their own name.

Broaden your horizon
When Filip Smet, founder of Lemon Companies, is looking to recruit for his spin-offs, clever and bold ideas.  All in order for him to challenge himself, be open minded instead of sticking with his own way of thinking. And where can you find original, ahead of time ideas? Young graduates!

So how about that great startup culture?
Gil is one of the new Lemon hires. He graduated as a civil engineer in electro-mechanics but took a different career path as his fellow students: managing director at, a startup spin-off. He explains the many pro’s.

A startup, and definitely a startup spin-off is quite limited in size. In other words: no big hierarchy structure. When in need you just walk into your managers’ (or should we say colleagues’?) office to discuss challenges, propose new ways, etc. Quick and easy!

And if you think you might get bored, think again! No days are the same, in a startup you wear many hats: business development, marketing, communications, admin, and the list is endless. That does not only keeps it interesting but allows you to improve and develop different qualities and skills.

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