Experis explains:
the application process

Why choose to work at a startup? 
If you would like to know if working for a startup is a good choice for you, ask yourself how independent you are and how high your learnability is. In a startup, you end up in a much smaller team than in a large corporation. On top of that, the environment can be fast-growing. This means that you will gain more responsibilities and a broader variety of tasks and more opportunities to grab. Most of the time you will get more recognition for your achievements. On the other hand, this will also apply to failures.

Every day you work together with innovators and entrepreneurs and usually your job will not be limited to the job description you were initially given. It is almost self-evident that everyone takes on extra tasks and goes the extra mile. An ideal moment to discover what you like and don't like in terms of job content.

You will probably have to work harder and work overtime, but the freedom, the great atmosphere, and the 'go-get mindset' that comes with it are definitely worth it.

The path to a great career
What used to be a straight line towards your desired job, now looks completely different. In the past, you started working at a company and as your career progressed, you rose vertically most of the time. Today, the average career seems to be completely different. The path that is taken is often with many curves and changes of direction. We gain experience in one company and then find out in which sector we want to work in. Then we grow in another company and switch to a completely different job content at times.This concept goes hand in hand with 'job-hopping' but can be done internally within one company. It's a bumpy ride, but it does provide variety.

The perfect CV
Make your CV tailor-made to the position you are applying for. Stress the skills and experiences you have that match with the job description. This way you can highlight that you have the right competences. Besides, keep your LinkedIn up to date and refer to it in your CV as recruitment happens more often via this channel. On top of that, a good layout is a must but also depends on the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a UX/UI job, make sure you already show your design skills on your CV.

The search for a great opportunity
The search for a job is sometimes quite difficult. That is why it is important to prepare yourself well before you start. Getting to know yourself and mapping out your goals is certainly advisable. Find out what you have to offer and what your added value would be in a company. Also, take a look at what kind of company you want to work for and why. It will make your search easier and during the application; there is a good chance that you will have to answer these questions.And remember, don't forget to check and update your social media. You don't want a company to get the wrong impression of you.

The application process
During the application process, it is important to prepare yourself properly. Read the vacancy again. What exactly is expected of you and what is mentioned about the company culture?
1) Take a look at the company's website to see the projects they already realized and what the mission and vision of the company is. Do you see a fit?
2) Prepare typical questions such as your 3 strengths and weaknesses. It is very likely these questions will be asked.
Other tips to score well during the application: Take your CV with you; show interest by asking some questions;make sure you leave a good impression by wearing the right clothes.

Closing the deal
Your application went well? Great! Show your interest after the application and give feedback. You could send an email referring to the enjoyable interview and stress again your interest. Send a connect request to the interviewer and expand your network with companies that interest you. In case you are not hired in the end, you will stay informed about the developments in the company, and you will be informed on new vacancies that may be a better fit. And in case you receive an offer: benchmarks are available on the internet, talk to friends and family, and do not be too demanding for your first job. Start-ups usually have less funds than large companies. You will have a great learning experience that will be transferred into a larger salary in a later phase of your career.

We’ll meet again
On Monday, October 13th we will give a workshop together with student organization SINC to prepare you for the startup job fairs of Startups.be | Scale-Ups.eu. In this workshop, our Experis recruiters will give tips & tricks to compose the perfect CV. In addition, we will present the current trends in the job market and which skills are important today. Keep an eye on the Experis Facebook page

Some extra tips & tricks when applying: check out this video